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Zoe Paris Foundation was established in 2017 with a group of 7 like-minded individuals with a heart to change Nigeria and Africa starting with where we are. We have since grown to over 30 volunteers working together to achieve our goals.

Since its inception, ZPF has developed and organized intervention programmes towards achieving SDGS 1,2,3,4,&10. We have also collaborated with two organizations; Dez and Friends, and My Developing Child who believe in the same cause we fight.

As no man is an island, Zoe Paris Foundation has partnered with several corporate organizations like Mr. Biggs, Shoe Store Africa, Missions Aid International, Visionscape Group, and Iyang Otu Foundation.

Beyond the indicators of our intervention programmes, I’m proud of the thousands of lives we have touched over this short period of time. There have been moments when I felt discouraged and almost gave up due to several factors but when I remember the smiles and joy we get from the children we reach out to, I’m fired up to do more and more till the world is reached and changed. Through the support of amazing Board members, visionary funders, and wonderful supporters – including our volunteers, family and friends, clearly, ZPF has made a tremendous impact. However, we recognize that as an organization, we have only scratched the surface of Nigeria’s problems.

I’m often asked about the effectiveness of our outreach projects in driving change and solving problems. Does going out to feed or clothe thousands of people a few times in the year eradicate hunger? Does giving stationeries improve the quality of education? Or does providing 1 or 2 wheelchairs/mobility aid or carrying out free medical screening really improve health and wellbeing?

My response will always be that change and development is an on-going effort and not something that happens overnight. We fan the sparks that build the BIG flames. It is a commitment I and my team at Zoe Paris Foundation have taken upon us to sow small seeds that will reap BIG trees in the future. It is a commitment to rid Nigeria and Africa from her Emaciated state into the Glory that’s hers.

As we work toward achieving our goals and with strategic partnerships, I am more convinced than I ever was at the inception that in our lifetime, with your continued support, we will alleviate poverty, end hunger, improve the quality of education and enhance good health & well-being for the less privileged people with a special focus on those living with disabilities in Nigeria and Africa. Thank you for believing in us and walking with us on this journey. Together we can achieve so much more!

Your labour of love, sacrifices and support have not and will never be in vain.

Yours in Service,

Founder, Zoe Paris Foundation
Occupational Therapist
Executive Director, Zoe Paris Consult Resources


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